The Grand Canyon Wine Co.

Williams, Arizona

Grand Canyon Wine Co is a producer of local Arizona Wine and stylish GCWco gear. We are a family run company established in 2010.

Handcrafted Local Arizona Wine

The Grand Canyon Wine Co is passionate about keeping it LOCAL...and keeping it REAL.

The Grand Canyon Wine Co is a small boutique wine company producing amAZing wines out of Arizona's beautiful Verde Valley. We don't have our own vineyards yet, but we do have a strong mission of using only the best local Arizona grapes sourced from our friend's vineyards in Southern Arizona. In partnership with winemaker/wine wizard Eric Glomski, The Grand Canyon Wine Co is changing the way you experience wine. No Snobbery. No Pretention. Just keeping it Real.

At The Grand Canyon Wine Company, we believe enjoying great wine doesn’t need to come with all the fuss. After all, isn't drinking supposed to fun? We feel wine and the wine drinking experience should be reflective of those behind it. GCWco is a family who believes in working hard, spreading awesomenss, and enjoying the moments in between...perhaps with a glass of kick-ass wine. Come visit share a glass with us in our tasting room.



Now Serving Craft Beer

The Grand Canyon Winery recently paired up with their sister company, Historic Brewing Company to be the first local Arizona winery to serve wine and beer flights side-by-side. Come check out our location in Downtown Williams to see what all the hype is about!

Carole and John Kennelly, sister and brother working together for The Grand Canyon Wine Co.

Carole and John Kennelly, sister and brother working together for The Grand Canyon Wine Co.


Family Owned

For over 20 years, the Kennelly Family continues to invest their hard work and vision into the heart of the historic downtown of Williams, Arizona. The Grand Canyon Winery is no exception. Alongside the Station 66 Italian Bistro and Historic Barrel & Bottle House- Williams restaurants and several gift boutiques, our winery is another dedication to good local establishments providing quality services.

As a family business, we believe that the backbone of our economy rests in the hands of the small business owner. We are proud to have the opportunity to create jobs that feed our neighbors and keep money flowing in our local community to continue supporting local businesses.

Our wine is a celebration of The Grand Canyon and those who Travel Far and Drink Local. It is our commitment to produce a wine that is locally crafted and uses only the best ingredients to give our customers what they deserve - a simple idea well done.